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    Retail and Commercial Cash Management System

    Our cash management solution leverages a advanced system architecture and the most progressive functionality on the market, to provide cash management services for an ever expanding and accelerating global marketplace. We offer a comprehensive set of Internet and Mobile banking services including electronic funds transfer, account statement viewing, foreign currency exchange, bill payments and more, through a full range of delivery channels. All transactions are delivered in real-time and securely.

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    Domestic and International Payment System

    Our Domestic and International commercial payments solutions (a SOA-based payments platform) enable financial institutions and their business customers to rapidly process payments and transfer funds electronically. It supports multi-lingual, multi-currency settlements to help you maximize international opportunities.

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    Financial Risk models

    We utilize formal econometric techniques to determine the aggregate risk in a financial portfolio. Risk modeling is one of many areas of financial modeling that we specialize in.

    Retail, Small and commercial banking Operational Risk model.

    Anti money laundry risk model.

    Credit risk, liquidity risk, market risk, and operational risk solutions.

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    Branch Technology

    We offer technology solutions for the North America Retail Banking (branch) core. This includes functions which allow both branch officer and centralized unit officers to perform most day to day financial services to retail customers.

    Key functions include the following: · Withdrawal · Deposit · Debits · Credits · Funder Transfer (Certificate Cheque, Draft, etc) · Bill Payment · Inquiry · Stops / Holds · Passbook printing · Foreign Exchange · Data Centre Adjustment · Investment Settlement · Mortgage Branch Remittance · PIN management · Branch Officer Operation Reporting